CrossFit Girl “Amanda”

For time 9-7-5 of:
Squat Snatch, 135/95 lbs

Good time to beat for
Beginner athlete: 13min 11sec
Average athlete: 10min 59sec
Advanced athlete: 8min 47sec
Elite athlete: 6min 35sec
Regional athlete: 5min 43sec

Good time cap: 15min

What is a good time for CrossFit Girl Amanda?

According to WOD Time Calculator, good time to beat is 8:47 with good time cap of 15:00 for an advanced athlete. This time should allow you to get into about top 20% of athletes.

Should I scale Amanda?

Amanda is the combination of relatively hard gymnastics and heavy barbell. I would definitely scale the workout if my squat snatch 1 rep max were lower than 155/115 lbs or if I couldn’t do 30 ring muscle ups under 10 minutes.

How to get a good time?

Not many people will be able to go unbroken on the rings and blaze through snatches quickly, but you can get the better time if you think ahead and start slowly. I would definitely split up the sets of 9 and 7 muscle ups and do only singles on squat snatches.

Set of 9 Muscle Ups

Go for +3 sets if your max set of muscle ups is under 12 and go for 2 sets if your muscle ups are better than that. I prefer to go for 4-3-2 instead of going 3-3-3 as it allows me to cut rest time before last third set.

Set of 7 Muscle Ups

Same advice as for the set of 9 muscle ups still applies. You are in the middle of the workout, and you don’t want to fatigue yourself too much so be smart on muscle ups. I prefer to go for 3 sets of 3-2-2, but if you feel fresh, you can go for 2 sets of 4-3.

Set of 5 Muscle Ups

This is your last set, and it is only 5 reps but don’t go unbroken if you are not 100% sure you can do it. Usually, it is faster to go for 2 sets of 3-2 than trying to go unbroken, fail on last rep and then resting longer as you need to recover from that failed rep.

9-7-5 Squat Snatches

The primary goal is to not fail single rep so make sure you always focus on right technique. There is also no need to go for multiple reps unless your snatch PR isn’t over 245/165 lbs and you will be faster with quick singles 99% of the time. Try to set the same pace for all the rounds, always get into the position, lift the bar, drop it on the ground, take few reps and repeat. Chalk is not needed, you will have enough time to chalk your hands during muscle ups.

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How to scale Amanda?

As I already said, Amanda is tough benchmark WOD, and not many people can finish it unbroken in decent time. Don’t worry and scale it as it will benefit you more than finishing it with time over 15 minutes. There are few ways how you can scale Amanda. Usually, you can keep one of the movements you are better as RXd and scale only the one you are weak at.

Recommended scaling for Muscle Ups

9-7-5 Weighted Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups
9-7-5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups
9-7-5 Weighted Strict Pull Ups
9-7-5 Strict Pull Ups
15-12-9 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups
18-14-10 or 21-15-9 Pull Ups
18-14-10 or 21-15-9 Banded Pull Ups
18-14-10 or 21-15-9 Ring Rows
18-14-10 or 21-15-9 Jumping Pull Ups

Recommended scaling for Squat Snatches

9-7-5 with lower weight 115/75 lbs, 95/65 lbs, 65/45 lbs, 45/35 lbs or PVC
9-7-5 1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat or easier
9-7-5 Overheads Squats 135/95 lbs or easier
9-7-5 Snatch Balance 135/95 lbs or easier
You can also bump up the reps but I will prefer to keep bar relatively heavy and reps lower