All CrossFit Games Winners

Getting at the top of the leaderboard at any world championship is not an easy task, especially for a few years in the row.

The CrossFit Games makes getting the gold medal even harder as there are multiple tests of fitness during the CrossFit Games week which are unknown until the Games starts and these tests of fitness are different every year.

Only a few athletes/teams were able to win the CrossFit Games in multiple years and usually they dominated the competition.

The Ultimate Test of Fitness

The director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro is doing an excellent job when creating the workouts for the CrossFit Games.

Athletes have to be prepared for absolutely everything from swimming and long runs to special strongman equipment and highly demanding gymnastic movements.

If you have a weakness, Dave’s workouts will find it. There is a no place to hide and having one lousy finish may cost you spot on the podium.

All CrossFit Games Winners

Check the table below to find out all CrossFit Games winners. Continue reading if you want to find out more information about each CrossFit Games.

Scroll to the bottom of the article if you are looking for all teens/masters CrossFit Games winners.

All CrossFit Games Master’s Men Results

All CrossFit Games Master’s Women Results

All CrossFit Games Teens Results

Year Individual Men Individual Women Team
2007 James Fitzgerald Jolie Gentry CrossFit Santa Cruz
2008 Jason Khalipa Caity Matter CrossFit Oakland
2009 Mikko Salo Tanya Wagner Northwest CrossFit
2010 Graham Holmberg Kristan Clever CrossFit Fort Vancouver
2011 Rich Froning Jr. Annie Thorisdottir CrossFit New England
2012 Rich Froning Jr. Annie Thorisdottir Hack’s Pack UTE
2013 Rich Froning Jr. Samantha Briggs Hack’s Pack UTE
2014 Rich Froning Jr. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet CrossFit Invictus
2015 Ben Smith Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir CrossFit Mayhem Freedom
2016 Mathew Fraser Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir CrossFit Mayhem Freedom
2017 Mathew Fraser Tia-Clair Toomey Wasatch CrossFit

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The CrossFit Games 2007

All workouts

All results

This was the very first year of the CrossFit Games. It was more BBQ with friends than a test of the fitness, but something huge was born at the Ranch.

There were only three workouts.

The first one was a classic CrossFit style workout created using “hopper.” It was a just random workout that tested how is everyone prepared for unknown aspect.

The second workout was ~5 km long trail run. The track was rough and full of rough terrain.

And the final workout was CrossFit Total which is the total opposite of 5 km run. The goal in the CrossFit total is to find 1 rep max for back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift.

The CrossFit Games 2007 Winners

James Fitzgerald and Jolie Gentry have become first-ever CrossFit Games champions.

James finished 2nd, 2nd, and 11th in all workouts and Jolie Gentry had a more dominant performance with 1st, 2nd and 2nd but there were fewer athletes compared to the men’s side.

CrossFit Santa Cruz won the team competition.

The CrossFit Games 2008

All workouts

All results

2008 CrossFit Games were no longer BBQ party with super-fit friends. The competition took place on the same ranch as in 2007, but rooster of athletes grew up exponentially.

There were still only a few workouts and programming this year wasn’t balanced as all four workouts had about the same time domain (3-5 minutes) and were very similar to each other.

Also, the scoring system of 2008 Games was unique. Usually, there is a point system, higher placement gets more points but 2008 Games used “total time” system. Each workout was for a time, all finishing times were summed up and athlete with a lowest total time won the CrossFit Games.

Anyway, many people have this year in the memory as there were already a bunch of famous CrossFit athletes, but there was an underdog named Jason Khalipa who was unknown till the last event, and he just demolished the competition by a considerable margin.

The CrossFit Games 2008 Winners

Jason Khalipa and Caity Matter become 2008 CrossFit Games champions, and CrossFit Oakland won the team competition.

After winning CrossFit Games 2008, Jason Khalipa decided to pursue his CrossFit dream, opened a CrossFit gym and now he runs a very successful business. He was also multiple year contender to the Rich Froning, and he still helps other CrossFit businesses grow and is highly engaged in the charity work.

I am a huge fan of the Jason, and in my opinion, he is one of the most important persons in the CrossFit history, and thankfully he won that 2008 Games which changed his life.

The CrossFit Games 2009

All workouts

All results

This is the last year that the competition was held at the ranch. There were finally multiple international athletes, and competition got much more severe.

The programming of 2009 CrossFit Games was finally much closer to the something what we see on today’s Games. There was a total of eight different tests.

Ranging from finding the heaviest snatch to 7 km run and multiple classic CrossFit style workouts covering various time domains.

The CrossFit Games 2009 Winners

Mikko Salo and Tanya Wagner did become the CrossFit Games 2009 champions and the team competition was won by Northwest CrossFit.

Everyone was surprised who is the new 2009 champion Mikko Salo, but in the upcoming years, Mikko has become the symbol of “hard work pays off” as he was known for his multiple WODs per a day and love of brutal WODs.

You may also still know Tanya Wagner as she has been very active in the media part of the CrossFit during official CrossFit competitions.

The CrossFit Games 2010

All workouts

All results

The CrossFit Games grew so big that they needed to move to the much larger location. The new site became Home Depot Center (later StubHub Center) located in Carson, California.

Change of location, much better media coverage, and multiple diverse tests of fitness made CrossFit to blew up on popularity.

Athletes improved by a vast margin and suddenly most of the die-hard CrossFitters had a new goal – qualify to the CrossFit Games.

There were a total of 9 workouts which is similar to the last year, but events got more diverse and better tested overall fitness of athletes.

The CrossFit Games 2010 Winners

Graham Holmberg and Kristan Clever did become CrossFit Games champions, and CrossFit Fort Vancouver won 2010 the team competition.

This is the only year when Rich Froning was defeated as the individual on the CrossFit Games, and it was only because he didn’t know how to use legs during rope climbs. He just went all out and even fall from the rope, after that he dominated all events that included rope climbs.

On the women’s side, Kristan Clever took the first place, but Annie Thorisdottir already showed her dominance and was right behind Kristan in the tight battle for the first place.

The CrossFit Games 2011

All workouts

All results

Change of the location in 2010 made CrossFit explode in popularity. Everyone already knew that 2011 Games are going to be huge.

In my opinion, the Games as we know them today (2018) formed in 2011.

The diversity of workouts was much broader, there were multiple skill workouts, strength workouts, pure cardio workouts and many other different tests of fitness and there was no place to hide.

This was the first year that Reebok gave every athlete goodies bag with official CrossFit Games apparel and year that Reebok’s Nano shoes were born.

The CrossFit Games 2011 Winners

Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir finally became the CrossFit Games champions, and CrossFit New England won the team competition.

After 2010, it was clear that Rich Froning is a threat and in 2011 he proved that he deserves to be the champion by winning with a massive margin of 93 points and leaving everyone behind.

It took Annie 2 years, but she had finally become champion in 2011. She was already well known in the CrossFit community, mainly, thanks to her performance from 2009 finals. This year she ultimately proved to everyone that she deserves that first place.

The CrossFit Games 2012

All workouts

All results

2012 CrossFit Games was the last CrossFit Games where workouts and movements were very similar to the classic CrossFit, no crazy weights, only a few different movements or objects and mostly traditional rep schemes.

The only catch was the volume of WODs. There was a total of 14 WODs over four training days.

If you want to try any CrossFit Games, then 2012 Games is a high pick. You may need to scale a few movements (e.g., Double Banger) or even skip the first day which had a mini triathlon and the obstacle course, but rest of the WODs should be doable in the gym.

The CrossFit Games 2012 Winners

Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir did again become the CrossFit Games champions, and Hack’s Pack UTE won the team competition.

It was clear that Rich Froning may have a chance to become back-to-back the CrossFit Games champion, but he wasn’t at the top of the leaderboard after day 1 (18th, 12th, and 3rd). Anyway, during next three days, he showed everybody how dominant his performance is, and he won the whole thing.

The story of Annie Thorisdottir was about the same, a few bad finishes at day 1 (16th, 14th, and 3rd), one bad finish at day 2 (33rd) but she demolished rest of the workouts and won by about the same margin as Rich did.

The CrossFit Games 2013

All workouts

All results

Rich and Annie were on fire, and everyone was excepting them to win. Unfortunately, Annie couldn’t compete as she needed to heal her injured back. That opened a spot for a new women’s CrossFit Games champion.

Workouts this year got much heavier this year. For example, Naughty Nancy with four rounds of 25 overhead squats with 140 lbs or The Cinco 1 with a total of 15 deadlifts with 405 lbs.

The heavy Cinco’s finals cost several athletes very precious points and moved them back in the leaderboard.

The CrossFit Games 2013 Winners

Everyone excepted Rich Froning to win, and he did so even though Jason Khalipa was a severe competitor for him that year.

Women were missing previous year champion and spot was open to anyone. Samantha Briggs has become the CrossFit Games champion, and with almost 100 points lead, she demolished her competition this year.

Hack’s Pack UTE did win the team competition, and they became the first two times team champion.

The CrossFit Games 2014

All workout

All results

This was last year of Rich Froning as an individual, and he was apparently a fan favorite. Annie Thorisdottir was back, but it wasn’t clear if she will be able to claim the top spot again.

It seemed that WODs couldn’t be harder than last year, but the bar was raised even higher this year. People have seen 345 lbs squat cleans, 377 overhead squats, 18 unbroken muscle ups during the metcon and more crazy stuff.

The CrossFit Games 2014 Winners

It was the last year for Rich Froning, and he won it again even though he got a new serious challenger. Not many people knew Mat Fraser before this Games but in the second event (1RM overhead squat) he tied Rich for the first place and everyone knew that Fraser is a scary competition for Froning.

At the end of the Games, Fraser was behind Froning by only 50 points. 2014 men’s competition was indeed one of the best to watch.

On women’s side, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet has become the CrossFit Games champion, she waited a long time for this and finally reached the top spot. Annie Thorisdottir returned strong this year and was only 40 points behind Camille.

Team CrossFit Invictus has become the winner of the CrossFit Games team competition.

The CrossFit Games 2015

All workouts

All results

Rich Froning moved to the team competition, and there was a massive battle for the first place between Mathew Fraser and Ben Smith. Women’s side introduced fierce battle between Dottirs (Katrin and Sara) and Aussies (Kara and Tia).

The CrossFit Games workouts got even harder, and you needed to be the regional level athlete to be even able to finish most of them in your gym, and I am not even talking about finishing them before the time cap.

2015 Games will be remembered mainly because of the introduction of pegboard where most athletes failed to complete all three reps. There was a lot of discussions if these Games were just “too hard” and if the pegboard in finals was a good idea when all athletes were super tired.

Anyway, the fittest athletes won even though pegboard part looked a little gimmicky.

The CrossFit Games 2015 Winners

On the men’s side, Ben Smith has finally become the fittest man on Earth after many years of trying with Mat Fraser being second. He made it tough for Ben to secure the top spot.

On women’s side, Katrin Davidsdottir took the first place. With Toomey, Sigmunsdottir, Briggs, and Webb right behind her. Katrin won with a margin of 40 points, but these ladies were fighting for the podium through all events.

Rich Froning entered the team competition, and his team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom got the first place.

The CrossFit Games 2016

All workouts

All results

This was last year for CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

At the start of the Games, athletes got surprised very early in the morning, they had to move to the bus which took them to the airport, and they were transported back to the Ranch where the first CrossFit Games happened.

Events on the Ranch were similar to first three events from 2009 CrossFit Games, just a little harder.

2016 Games also had a total of 15 different workouts with much heavier weights and more difficult movements than ever before.

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The CrossFit Games 2016 Winners

It was Mat Fraser’s year, he is no longer second, and he showed everyone how dominant he became by taking the first place with a massive margin of 197 points. Last year’s champion Ben Smith took the second place.

On the women’s side, Katrin Davidsdottir got the first place again, but Tia-Clair Toomey was only 11 points behind her.

Rich Froning’s team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom took the first place in the team competition one more time.

The CrossFit Games 2017

All workouts

All results

CrossFit Games moved to the Madison, Wisconsin. Brand new location brought up new challenges.

There was no longer classic beach event, but that didn’t kill longer cardio events. Athletes were running in the rain or did cyclocross workout.

Even weights got little heavier this year (again), and for example, muscle ups and squat clean ladder ended with 2×350/235 lbs.

The CrossFit Games 2017 Winners

Mat Fraser already demolished competition in 2016 but he won by an even higher margin in 2017 with 216 points. He also led the leaderboard after the first day and could be last in the last two events and still get the first place.

On women’s side, we have seen of the closest battle ever in the CrossFit Games history. Tia-Clair Toomey defeated Kara Saunders (Webb) by only 2 points, and there were a few movements through the competition where Kara and Tia got questionable no reps. They could easily switch on the leaderboard if judges changed their mind.

On the team side, it was the first time in 6 years that Rich Froning wasn’t at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the CrossFit Games. Wasatch CrossFit took the first place with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom getting the second place.

The CrossFit Games 2018

2018 CrossFit Games Workouts (will be updated)

2018 CrossFit Games Results (will be updated)

We have yet to see results of CrossFit Games 2018, but my top 3 predictions are following:

2018 CrossFit Games Men’s top 3:

1) Mathew Fraser

2) Patrick Velnner

3) Roman Khrenikov

2018 CrossFit Games Women’s top 3:

1) Sara Sigmunsdottir

2) Kara Saunders

3) Katrin Davidsdottir

All CrossFit Games Master’s Men Results

Year 35–39 40–44 45–49 50–54 55–59 60+
2010 Brian Curley (+50)
2011 Scott DeTore Gord MacKinnon Steve Anderson Greg Walker
2012 Gene LaMonica Gord MacKinnon Tim Anderson Scott Olson
2013 Michael Moseley Ron Ortiz Craig Howard Hilmar Hardarson Scott Olson
2014 Shawn Ramirez Jerry Hill Will Powell Steve Hamming Scott Olson
2015 Shawn Ramirez Matthew Swift Joe Ames Will Powell Steve Pollini
2016 Shawn Ramirez Ron Mathews Ron Ortiz Will Powell David Hippensteel
2017 Kyle Kasperbauer Shawn Ramirez Robert Davis Kevin Koester Shannon Aiken David Hippensteel

All CrossFit Games Master’s Women Results

Year 35–39 40–44 45–49 50–54 55–59 60+
2010 Laurie Carver (+50)
2011 Susan Habbe Mary Beth Litsheim Shelley Noyce Betsy Finley
2012 Lisa Mikkelsen Susan Habbe Marnel King Mary Schwing
2013 Amanda Allen Lisa Mikkelsen Colleen Fahey Gabriele Schlicht Sharon Lapkoff
2014 Amanda Allen Kim Holway Mary Beth Litsheim Susan Clarke Karen Wattier
2015 Janet Black Kylie Massi Cindy Kelley Susan Clarke Rosalie Glenn
2016 Helen Harding Cheryl Brost Shellie Edington Mary Beth Prodromides Shaun Havard
2017 Stephanie Roy Helen Harding Cheryl Brost Marion Valkenburg Susan Clarke Patty Failla

All CrossFit Games Teens Results

Year 14–15 Boys 14–15 Girls 16–17 Boys 16–17 Girls
2015 Angelo Dicicco Sydney Sullivan Nicholas Paladino Isabella Vallejo
2016 Vincent Ramirez Kaela Stephano Nicholas Paladino Allison Weiss
2017 Dallin Pepper Chloe Smith Angelo Dicicco Kaela Stephano