CrossFit Girl WOD “Chelsea”

Every 1 min for 30 mins:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Good score to beat for Candy:
Chelsea is a special EMOM type of WOD
It doesn’t have a good score to beat
Your goal is to just finished the WOD RXed
Good score for a beginner will be about 10-15 rounds

What is Chelsea?

The WOD Chelsea is the only CrossFit Girl named WOD that is of EMOM type. EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute, and your goal is to do prescribed work each minute and rest till the end of the minute.

Good score to beat of Chelsea

Your goal is to finish the Chelsea. From my experience at least 50% athletes of the average CrossFit class should be able to complete all 30 rounds. Beginners should be able to complete at least 10-15 rounds.

Advanced athletes may want to increase reps to 6/12/18 and elite athletes can increase reps to even 7/14/21.

How to beat the Chelsea

Many athletes will be able to do all rounds unbroken and still have about 15 to 20 seconds to spare each minute. This guide focuses on athletes who have a problem to do all 30 rounds of the Chelsea.


If you have a problem with pull-ups, you can split them into multiple sets. Doing 2 sets of 3+2 since the beginning will help you a lot with fatigue in later rounds.

You can also try singles on pull-ups but do this only if you to link multiple pull-ups together. Don’t forget that singles will waste a lot of precious time and Chelsea will turn into 30-minute AMRAP as you will have almost no time to rest.


This is a main sticky point for most athletes. Many will do push-ups unbroken in the first half but start losing a lot of time on them in the second half.

Start with 2 of 6+4 or 3 sets of 4+3+3 since the first round to make sure you won’t get stuck on push-ups.

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Air Squats

You will close each round with 15 air squats, so make sure to pace them depending on how much time you still have.

If you sprint in each round since beginning, you may have a problem finishing the Chelsea because of heart rate spikes. In later rounds, this spikes will make you more tired, and you won’t be able to recover anymore.

Try to do air squats slowly since the first round so you will finish the last air squat at around 0:57 and then just continue with the next round. First rounds may feel slow, but you will avoid burning out too soon.


This workout can be done on the one spot, so there is no reason to go away from the pull-up bar. Just do all three movements in the same place.

Also, make sure to have just quick rest if you are splitting movements to multiple sets.


Make sure to watch the clock all the time to know where you are in the minute and change the pace on the go.

There is no reason of doing first 10 rounds in 35 seconds if you are not going to finish all 30 rounds. It is better to switch the Chelsea to 30 minutes AMRAP where you do each round slowly for full 60 seconds.

Just remember: Slow & steady!

RX+ Chelsea

If you are looking for challenge try to do the Chelsea with more reps. Sets of 6/12/18 should be pretty challenging or you can even try 7/14/21 if you are elite athlete.