WODTimeCalculator v0.4

I have completely reworked good time to beat, now you can follow the different level of good time to beat.

  • – Good time to beat is now divided into several categories by fitness level: Beginner, Average, Advanced, Elite and Regional level athlete.
  • – Added few movement like yoke carry, bike or swim.
  • – Tuned some numbers, especially box jumps (added few more reps).

WODTimeCalculator v0.3

Huge update is here! Site is now mobile friendly and will be responsive on any screen size.

  • – Last versions were using jQueryUI for styling but we decided to switch to Bootstrap 4 so the app has same design as blog.
  • – Bootstrap 4 theme is more mobile and touch friendly than previous versions of the website.
  • – Check difference between old site and new site on pictures below:
Old version 0.2
New version 0.3

WODTimeCalculator v0.2

WODTimeCalculator v0.2

3th November, 2016

  • – WOD Time Calculator now generates charts to make more clear what is meant by “good time”, “good score” and “good time cap”
  • – For “good time” chart starts at top 5% which is time that should be only beatable by elite crossfitters and ends with worst 5% where should be only beginners
  • – For “good score” chart starts with worse 5% which is score where should most beginners score and ends with top 5% where only elite crossfitters should get