Tips & Tricks and Good Times/Scores for the CrossFit Games AGOQ 2018

CrossFit AGOQ – Age Group Online Qualifier 2018

AGOQ 2018 is finally here! Top 200 in each age division were invited and now they have just 4 days to fight for top 20 spots to get invite for the CrossFit Games.

Below you can find 4 day plan that involves a few repeats of WODs you have under performed, good scores to beat for each WOD and little strategy guide to reach the top 20 in each WOD.

Good times/scores to beat are from the mobile app WOD Time Calculator, they are just estimates and should give you good idea of how good time/score you need. If you want to qualify watch for fitness level 100.

Also, if your category includes lighter weights or movements you will need to recalculate good times/scores in the app. Times will faster and scores will be higher for lower weights.

4 day plan for AGOQ

The best case scenario is 1 WOD per day with no repeats, just go all out and perform your best every day.

Probably, this won’t happen as 2nd tries are almost always better.

I would go for this order of WODs #1 -> #3 -> #4 -> #2 with repeats during the last day.

Morning Session Evening Session
Day 1 WOD #1 WOD #3
Day 2 WOD #4
Day 3 WOD #2
Day 4 Repeat one you need Repeat #3 or #4

CrossFit AGOQ WOD #1

  • You should get slightly faster time than your Fran PR
  • Best guys will have time ~2:00
  • There is no reason to not go unbroken on thrusters
  • Be fast on transitions
  • Jump high on ropes
  • Speed up during last 12 thrusters, you can rest later, every second can cost you a lot of points!
  • Do this WOD first and repeat it as the last WOD of the weekend

CrossFit AGOQ WOD #2

  • This WOD will separate the Games athletes from the top 200
  • You have to know how to butterfly your C2Bs in order to fight for top spots
  • I still think that there would be a few guys who will qualify with 5 sets of 5 kipping C2B but their rest have to be quick
  • Go singles on power cleans and try to hold constant rest
  • Don’t do this WOD at the same day as WOD #1, day 3 would be the best

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CrossFit AGOQ WOD #3

  • Use very similar strategy as you had for 18.3
  • All movements are relatively easy, just keep moving and avoid no reps
  • This one will be hard to repeat because of calves fatigue from double unders
  • Day 1 or day 2 evening session will be great time for this WOD

CrossFit AGOQ WOD #4

  • I think that even +7 rounds may be required to get to the Games
  • This one is pretty straightforward
  • HSPU should be quick and consistent, guys who will be able to do all sets unbroken will get a low of extra time
  • Steady pace on the burpees except last 90 seconds where you should sprint
  • Unbroken power snatches will be about the same fast as three quick singles
  • This WOD can be repeated multiple times
  • Go for the first try on the second day and for the second try on the fourth day