18.1 Results Calculator – Find How Good You Are in CrossFit Games Open

As I love to check how good I am during CrossFit Games Open without spending too much time on the leaderboard, I decided to make this simple utility which will allow you to find out how many percents of people you have beaten in the CrossFit Games Open.

The first tool allows you to find out how many percents of athletes you have beaten in the CrossFit Games Open.

To begin just enter your Worldwide rank for the 18.1 (if you don't know it, click on the "Your Rank" which will take you to the CrossFit Games results page), select correct category and click on the "Get Rank".

The second tool allows you to compare results of the CrossFit Open 18.1 across all categories.

The Open 18.1 results are already preloaded for score that is better than 99% of athletes. To adjust these scores just use the slider.

Data in the table should be very accurate as they were collected from the official Games leaderboard the day after the deadline. The results are from Worldwide region and include all categories.

Calculate how many people you have beaten in 18.1

You are better than of athletes.

Find out results for all Categories

Better than 99% of athletes

Category Score
Male Mark
Female Jacob
Male 14-15 Larry
Female 14-15 Mark
Male 16-17 Jacob
Female 16-17 Larry
Male 35-39 Mark
Female 35-39 Jacob
Male 40-44 Larry
Female 40-44 Mark
Male 45-49 Jacob
Female 45-49 Larry
Male 50-54 Mark
Female 50-54 Jacob
Male 55-59 Larry
Female 55-59 Mark
Male 60+ Jacob
Female 60+ Larry