About Me

Who Am I?

Hi! I am Ondrej Sevcik, I am from Czech Republic and I love to write about these topics:


Varied functional movements performed at high intensity

CrossFit, Ondrej Sevcik

I love CrossFit! I was working out in the gym since 2007 but in 2011 I’ve discovered CrossFit and I have never returned back to pumping muscles in front of mirror.

I was always bad at sports of any kind but CrossFit made me Jack of all trades. I have ran 5K in 19:05, finished 64K trail race in top 20%, done 50m unbroken handstand walk, deadlifted 190kg, snatched 100kg (with bodyweight 75kg) and much more.

I have never thought that my body will be able to do all these things without specializing and I am feeling more fit than ever before! All thanks to CrossFit!


Eat food, not products

Paleo, Ondrej Sevcik

Back in my “bodybuilding days” I have learned that food makes 80% of results and I still agree with that. In these days my goal was to bulk up for 9 months and cut fat for 3 months, all I ate was rice, potatoes, lean meats/fish, some vegetables and almost no fat.

I had complete control over my bodyweight and it worked but I knew that this diet isn’t going to give me long term health benefits.

But in 2010 I’ve found Paleo diet and after trying it for few weeks I knew that it’s the right way how to eat. After reading almost all top Paleo books I’ve found that Paleo isn’t just key to top performance but it is even key to longevity, stable energy levels and low body fat.

CrossFit Analytics

CrossFit isn’t completely random, regular analyze of programming will improve your results

data, Ondrej Sevcik

I was always obsessed by logging all my workouts and analyzing my programming. In 2014 I’ve found amazing web app Beyond the Whiteboard and since then I’ve been using to analyze all my workouts.

CrossFit is all about improving weaknesses and sometimes I caught myself few times cherry picking the workouts or working on one specific thing for too long time. This is where analyze of my training log comes in and shows me correct direction.

I am also analyzing my CrossFit workouts everyday where before workout I am thinking about how will I approach workout to have the best time possible, what is good time for certain workout or how much will I rest and after the workout I will analyze how I did and what can I improve next time.

This was also the reason why I created WOD Time Calculator, many people asks me what is good time for random CrossFit workout and I always try to come with time that can be beaten but would be really hard to beat.

WOD Time Calculator


Cooking healthy from whole foods is easy

Paleo, Ondrej Sevcik

Paleo and low carb diet is really simple to follow, all you need to do is just learn how to cook from whole foods and limit carbohydrate intake.

Almost all foods in Paleo + Low Carb diet are just portion of protein, healthy fats and some veggies, but not everyone know how to cook such foods.

So I decided to start YouTube channel where I wanted to people show that cooking from whole foods is really easy and I also have Paleo cookbook on my Czech site with almost 100 recipes.

I am not writing about cooking anymore but recipes are still available through the link below.

YouTube Playlist of My Paleo Recipes