Hero WOD “Marston”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
405-lb. deadlift, 1 rep
10 toes-to-bars
15 bar-facing burpees

“Special Warfare Operator 1st Class William Blake Marston, 31, of Concord, New Hampshire, died Jan. 10, 2015, in DeLand, Florida, during military parachute training. Marston was assigned to an East Coast-based SEAL Team and served in the Navy for six years. 

Marston is survived by his girlfriend, Christine Clark; parents, Bill and Nancy; three siblings, Chris, Jeffrey and Emily; and many other friends and family.” –

What is good score for hero WOD Marston?

Accroding to our app good score of Marston is 9 rounds and 2 reps. But doing Marston RXed is not for everyone because of that single reps with 405 lbs.

Most people would have to scale the weight on deadlifts. We have chosen to find 1RM of deadlift before WOD and then use 90% of 1RM as weight for deadlifts in the Marston.

My PR on deadlift was 185 kg (405 lbs) so I have done the Marston with 165 kg (365 lbs). At the end I have done 10 rounds and 7 reps so I was able to beat the “good score” but it was scaled version because I wouldn’t be able to finish this workout RXed.

If you are strong enough (+450 lbs deadlift) hit this workout RXed but in other case I would go for scaled version of 90% of deadlift’s 1RM.

But deadlifts are not the hardest part of the workout. You have also to be smart on toes to bars (TTB), surely some of you can do few sets of 10 unbroken but if you know you can’t hit 10 sets of 10 TTBs unbroken then you should go for smaller sets since first round. I personally hit 6+4 in all rounds, I would even consider going 4+3+3 if my TTB were weaker.

And for the burpees, just go slowly but keep moving. These 15 burpees are the most consuming part of the workout and there is no place to rest on them if you want to hit the good score.