CrossFit Girl “Isabel”

For time:
30 Snatches 135/95 pounds
(Power snatch if you are strong enough)

Good time to beat for “Isabel”

According to WOD Time Calculator App good time to beat is 3:49 with good time cap of 6:00.

From my experience 3:49 is very good time and most people will have a hard time getting under 4:00. I think that time under 6:00 tells you are very efficient with 135 lbs Power Snatches.

But slower time than 6:00 usually means you have used a too heavy barbell and you should scale the workout to keep the intensity high.

When you should scale “Isabel”?

Scale Isabel if your 1 rep max for Isabel is under or just slightly over 135 lbs (or 95 lbs for women) or if you are strong enough but you are new to CrossFit and you are not used to high reps.

How you should scale “Isabel”?

When I program Isabel to my clients I usually tell them to use 80% of their power snatch 1 rep max. This means that you should do Isabel RXed only if your 1RM is over 165 lbs.

Power Snatch 1RM Recommended Scaling
165 lbs or more Go for RX
145-165 lbs Scale to 115 lbs
115-145 lbs Scale to 95 lbs
95-115 lbs Scale to 75 lbs
75-95 lbs Scale to 55 lbs
55-75 lbs Scale to 45 lbs

When you should do RX+ “Isabel”?

There is no need to do RX+ (with heavier weight) Isabel if you wasn’t able to finish Isabel under 2:00. Usually, 2-minute mark is the difference between going almost all reps unbroken and doing only singles.

You should try Isabel RX first even if your power snatch is way over 225 lbs. But check the following video to see what happens if you are super strong and you are good at CrossFit, Isabel done in 0:53 is absolutely crazy.

How to get good time at “Isabel”?

It depends on your goal, there are 2 milestones. First one is to get as close as possible to 2:30-3:00, the second one is to finish under 2:00.

If you aim for a time around 3 minutes you should do only singles. Quick singles with almost no rest can get you in the range of 2:30-3:00, goal is to just don’t start too quickly so you don’t slow down in the second 15s. By the way, singles with constant rest in between reps should be done even for slower times.

On other hand if you aim for fast time, usually under 2 minutes, the best way is usually do as much as you can unbroken (at least 10-20 reps) and then switch to singles until the end. The huge set will allow you to get through big chunk of reps quickly and then it is just about finishing as quickly as possible without uneccesary rest.