Travel WODs Application

Do you want to exercise hard at home without any equipment? This collection of almost 1000 intensive travel workouts is right for you!

I have personally hand-picked and created all workouts that you can find in Travel WODs (Workouts of the day) app. All WODs that you will find in the app are inspired by CrossFit and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and are as difficult as any barbell workout you will do in the gym!

When I was designing workouts for Travel WODs app I wanted all of them to be highly challenging. These home workouts are divided into 6 following different categories based on what equipment you have available:

All 6 categories of WODs that are included in the app
Bodyweight only workouts (they can be done anywhere, without any equipment)
Bodyweight and running workouts (this category is for you if you prefer to workout outside and want to mix running with other fitness elements)
Bodyweight and pull up bar workouts (some of you have pull up bar installed at home and this category will help you use it in your home workouts)
Bodyweight and jump rope workouts (jump rope is one of the cheapest piece of equipment that you can take everywhere and it can add another level of intensity to home workouts)
Bodyweight and kettlebell workouts (kettlebell is versatile piece of equipment that is great home substitute for barbell, this category will give you inspiration for home kettlebell workouts)
Bodyweight, kettlebell and jump rope workouts (you can have fully functional home gym if you combine ketlebell, jump rope and bodyweight movements in home workouts)
On top of choosing from these 6 categories you can also set what movements you want to include or exclude. For example if you want to do only bodyweight workout with squats and you dislike burpees and sit ups then you will set only first category as valid, set inclusions to “squats” and set exclusions to “burpees, sit ups”. Finding home workout you want to do that day is really that simple!

On other hand app will always generate today’s workout of the day (WOD) and you can give a shot to this random workout. If you dislike that WOD you can just swipe right or click to button to generate more home workouts. There is also option to go back to workouts that you have already generated by swiping left.

Travel WODs app will always generate random workouts based on all inclusions and exclusion you have set but if you want to get access to all workouts that are in the app you should check “info” tab to get more information about Travel WODs e-book.

Get app here!.

If you don’t have iOS or Android device you can get ebook with Travel WODs here or if the link doesn’t work you can check Android here or iOS version here.